Callaway Golf Hits It Big with Hex Black Tour and Hex Chrome+ Balls

Golf gripsThe Callaway Golf Company is very famous for their high performance golf clubs. However, aside from golf clubs, they also sell other golf related merchandise such as head gears and golf balls. Like their golf clubs, their golf balls are of high quality and are able to produce relatively excellent results. The Hex Black Tour and Hex Chrome+ balls are only two of the countless golf balls they have in their production.


The HEX Black Tour golf ball is composed of five layers and equipped with two cores. This allows the golf ball to travel a great deal of distance with just the preferable level of spin while retaining accuracy. This golf ball’s inner core has a significantly low compression coefficient, which allows users to produce a low spin even when using long golf clubs. The golf ball’s outer core has a high compression coefficient, which gives users the ability to produce a greater spin when using shorter clubs. As its name suggests, its cover is designed with the Callaway Golf Company’s patented HEX dimple pattern which is aerodynamically proven to reduce drag.

On the other hand, the HEX Chrome+ has 4 layers and only one core. The golf ball’s inner mantle and core are specifically developed to produce greater speed and distance. Its outer mantle is designed to significantly reduce the amount of spin it produces. The HEX Chrome+ cover is composed of thermoplastic urethane and is covered with the same dimple pattern as the HEX Black Tour.

When used with a driver or fairy woods, both the HEX Black Tour and HEX Chrome+ were able to travel long distances, however the former had a slightly longer reach. Both HEX golf balls had excellent trajectory control.

When used with wedges and short irons, the two balls had significantly different performance. The Callaway Golf Company’s HEX Chrome+ golf ball has a tendency to spin back upon landing. The HEX Black Tour on the other hand tends to stay at the spot where it landed.

The two golf balls both had the same performance when used with mid and long irons. Both the HEX Black Tour and HEX Chrome+ produced an average but stable trajectory. Wind was not an issue for them.

Both of the balls have a conventional golf ball look. The HEX Black Tour’s numbers are in black. The HEX Chrome+ on the other hand has red numbers and is available in the “Optical Yellow” color. Like all golf balls produced by the Callaway Golf Company, the HEX Black Tour and HEX Chrome+ have that signature hexagonal pattern. HEX Black Tour also has a more compact feel to it when compared to the HEX Chrome+.

The HEX Black Tour Golf balls are great for golfers who prefer less spin and relatively soft conditions. The HEX Chrome+ on the other hand is perfect for players who prefer greater spins and rough conditions.

In terms of price the HEX Black Tour is $8 more expensive than the HEX Chrome+. Golfers who value quality would most likely disregard the prices when choosing golf balls. Price conscious golfers on the other hand would most likely pick the HEX Chrome+.


Both golf balls produce excellent trajectory and have the ability to penetrate windy conditions. The HEX Black Tour has a relatively longer reach and produces lower spin compared to most golf balls in the market. The HEX Chrome+ has a long reach and produces a higher spin.


Both golf balls have some issues concerning durability. The HEX Chrome+ has a tendency to spin back, while the HEX Black Tour makes a distinct sound when hit which some golfers find quite annoying.

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