Characteristics of a Great SEO Firm

Most companies are now starting to build a strong online presence, and they are realizing that online marketing is a major driving force of their business. However, not all company owners, COOs,and executives are adept at online marketing.   If your company is constantly striving to create a solid online presence, then hiring an SEO firm might be the best solution for you. According to SEOExplode, “If you have a new site, an old site, a website that is currently not performing well or even a penalized site from a previous SEO company we would be more than happy to help!” These days, just having a website is not enough.  That website also should be able to generate the foot traffic and the foot traffic should be able to convert to bottom-line figures.

There are currently hundreds of SEO consulting firms in every big city in the world today.  Most SEO firms promise Characteristics of a Great SEO Firmone thing: that they will promote your company website and guarantee that they get first page ranking on Google and other search engine sites.  However, all SEO firms seem to promise that.  There are a many misconceptions about what a good SEO company is, when in fact, the only thing that you should be looking out for is if they are able to fulfill your own company’s objectives.

How do you know what SEO firm to hire, and that they will be able to assist you in fulfilling your company’s marketing and sales goals?What are the characteristics of good SEO firms? What should we look out for?

There is evidence of their work.

In hiring outside consultants or even employees, we often ask for evidence.  It could be their list of achievements, or their CV. A good SEO firm always leaves a trail of their good work behind. It doesn’t even have to be tangible results such as high SEO rankings. Besides you may not see tangible results of SEO rankings for your company right away.

The most important evidence that a good SEO company can show you is their actual SEO practices.  There are actually systems and processes on how to get to the ultimate goal of high SEO rankings, and what your company can do is to find out if the SEO Company is able to provide these deliverables during the first month. You should look for an SEO audit of your website, comprehensive analysis of your website’s link profile, a plan of optimizing content on your site, and articles with links to other sites that will be published in the future or have already been published.

If they are unable to provide you with these smaller deliverables, then there is a lack of good practices, and they won’t be able to deliver the ultimate goal for your company. If they have nothing to show for, then it’s either they really have no evidence of their work, or they are hiding something.

They communicate with you constantly.

An SEO company that does not contact you frequently may not be working as diligently on your site as you hope. Since it is your company’s website, then it only makes sense that they ask you for several data such as: editorial or administrative access to your content management system, administrative access to Google analytics, and access seo-company-communicationto the webmaster tools of Google. The SEO Company should also ask for access to your social media pages because they would also work on how to optimize your social media content and boost views.  Another very important thing that they will require from you is a list of target keywords.

If they don’t ask for these types of information, then they may not be doing good SEO practices, and are just adding link backs on their huge network of sites with no content at all.  SEO companies will not be interested in you, and will not build a relationship with you.  They will not request for meetings so that they can update you with what they have done and they will not give recommendations on how to improve your online marketing strategies.  This is potentially harmful to your company.

They lay out their methods and techniques.

Good SEO companies are not afraid to lay out the techniques that they employ in order to serve their clients well.  In fact, you don’t even need to ask for this information because they will gladly give it to you.

Be very wary if the company representative tells you that their SEO practices are confidential and cannot be disclosed. Most SEO practices are well-known in the industry, and the measure of a good SEO company is how good they do these methods and techniques.  The methods should not be a secret because accepted and legitimate practices should be disclosed.

If the SEO Company tells you, on the other hand, that their practices are too “technical” to explain, you should be wary of this firm as well.  Good SEO companies have ways and means to explain “technical” details and jargon and convert them to layman’s terms. A measure of a good company is the fact that they are able to clearly explain their methods and techniques to a person who does not belong to the industry.

These are just some of the characteristics that you should look out for in getting an SEO company.  The ultimate gauge is in six months, you will see your company’s ranking rise, you have tangible improvements in your online presence, and you actually have positive numbers to show for it.