Custom T-Shirts: Not Just For Music Fans

Nothing could be stranger than the idea that custom shirts are “just for music fans,” as if everyone else in the world were wearing blank shirts.

Custom tshirts have reached cult status in the last decade, and more and more people are going online to create their own legendary tees and hoodies with the designs that they’ve selected or created themselves.

But seriously, custom t-shirts aren’t just for concerts. Let us share with you a couple of categories of custom shirts to prove this point.

School/university shirts

custom-printed-t-shirts The fact of the matter is that people are proud of their education, wherever they may be. That is why there is a universal code everywhere that school or university shirts are cool.

They make you feel that you are still in the university/school, even when you are out on a jaunt, enjoying your day. Universities also have slogans, mottos, and values that people like to embody in their lives. This is probably the biggest reason why people love school shirts so much.

There are several ways to design a cool university shirt. Here are some design ideas:

– School mascot, university name, slogan

– School slogan

– Official school motto

– College or university sports team logo

– College or university sports team mascot

– A unique aspect of school life that identifies the institution immediately

– A special motto or slogan, plus the school name on the top or bottom

The point of a school shirt is to represent the community itself. People actually behave differently when they are in a place where all other people are representing their schools or towns. Just observe this distinct change in people. It is a universal response to wearing something that means more than just you.

Club shirts

If you belong to a group, club, or organization, wearing a club shirt will really make you feel that you belong, and the effect is the same with others in the same group. There are many ways to represent a club or organization in an awesome fashion on a custom shirt. Here are a few guide questions to help you find the perfect design.

  1. What is the club about?
  2. What do you do in the club?
  3. Does the club have an office, or where do you normally hang out?
  4. What is the club known for?
  5. What do club members do to fulfill the mandate of the group?
  6. What pushed the members to have their own shirt?
  7. Is there an upcoming event where the club shirt will be really useful, and if so, what is this event and what is it about?
  8. How do people perceive members of the club?
  9. How do club members perceive themselves?

These are just some of the basic questions that you need to answer if you want to create a good concept for a club shirt.

The only way that you will be able to provide an excellent representation of the group is if you know its ins and outs like no one else.

So this is actually a fun research ahead. Ask people about the group, as other group members, research what has been done years ago. And when you have all of this valuable information, you can start drafting a nice design that other club members will find interesting and memorable.

The tricky part here is to get everyone (okay, almost everyone) to love the design itself. A common shirt usually catches the eye of critics, and no one likes to feel that they’ve been asked to wear a tacky shirt.

But hey, it’s the age of the internet. Use the internet to find inspiration and to make a really creative design that most of the club members will love.

There is also no need to overdo it because you can accomplish so much by keeping the elements simple and to the point. On the other side of the spectrum, you can introduce a multitude of design elements too, to make the design more complex and perhaps more wearable to club members.

Charities and other causes

tshirtBeing part of a charity and other meaningful causes is definitely awesome. And when you’re in an event for your charity or cause, the idea is to get the message of the cause to as many people as possible, in the shortest amount of time. This is exactly what wearing a custom shirt is about. Hey, you may not reach thousands of people at the event, but people who aren’t yet part of the cause may become more inclined to ask about it when they see an awesome design.

So what’s the secret to creating the perfect design for a cause? The secret is actually to be specific. If a message is too broad and too generic, chances are, people will not be interested. But when the message is specific, clear, and doable, the people’s response would be: hey, maybe I can do that to help.

The difference between a club shirt and a cause shirt is really the intent For clubs and organizations, the idea is to promote and attract people to join the group. For causes, people don’t have to go in full time at all. Sometimes, the support that causes ne can be as simple as volunteering for a day in a specific event. The particulars are different.

Also, people are aware that charities and causes are non-profit endeavors, and people go at it because they want to, and the message of the cause resonates with them. So the design on your shirt should definitely try to inform and resonate with people’s values, beliefs, and sensibilities. We know that this sounds like a tall order, but in reality, it is just a basic challenge for communicating something effectively to people.

So think long and hard first before settling down to create the design. The message has to precede the art, at all times.