Habits of Aspiring Motivational Speakers on Parenting

Are you among the few aspiring motivational speakers on parenting? Fret no more, as you are on the right page. One of the most effective ways to become an effective motivational speaker on parenting is to become a good parent. Remember, the best motivational speakers share their own experiences regarding a specific subject matter.

Parenting Habit #1: Give unconditional love to your children.

Showing your children that you love them unconditionally will surely make them feel a sense of belongingness in your family. Your children need to feel that they will always have a place in your family, no matter what their mistakes and flaws are.

According to studies, children who belong to affectionate families are better equipped to handle disappointments and cope with frustrations in everyday life. They have the capability to develop self-esteem, self-worth, self-belief, and self-confidence.

Parenting Habit #2: Learn to affectionately touch your children.

Whether your child is already a teenager or a toddler, they need your touch. It is crucial that you show love to your children by giving them a pat on the back. Hugging them is also a good option.

Keynote SpeakerTry to observe and assess the preferences of your child. Your child’s primary language of love is through physical contact if he or she loves to link arms with you, always hugs you, holds your hands, or touches you. Gentle touches help release feel-good hormones. It makes your child’s immune system perform better and also reduces stress levels.

Parenting Habit #3: Be ready to help.

Always being there ready to serve your child is among the most powerful languages of love. One way of doing that is taking time to repair the toys of your children. You can tell if your child tends to focus on this love language if he or she likes to prepare something for you, such pouring you a cup tea or setting up the table for dinner.

Parenting Habit #4: Give simple gifts.

This language of love isn’t synonymous with being materialistic or selfish. The size or amount of the item is not a huge factor. The most important thing is the thought of giving. Children who show and express their love through painting your face, giving their works of art to you, picking flowers, or cutting colored papers for you prefer to receive and show love through gift-giving. Reciprocate your child’s love by giving a simple item, such as a wonderful shell you found along the beach or an interesting rock that can be added to her or his collections.

Parenting Habit #5: Spend quality time with your children.

Everyone would love to spend time with their loved ones. Who would not enjoy a fun game or a chat with the most important people in the world? Still, spending time is among the most challenging parenting habits (even more so if you’re trying to join the ranks of the best motivational speakers). One of the consequences of living a fast-paced life is failing to connect with your loved ones. Kissing and hugging is much quicker and easier to give your children, compared to sitting down and telling stories.

Learning more about your children (while showing genuine enthusiasm) is one of the best things you can do, especially if your child prefers to be loved in a communicative manner. Always make sure that you devote time to your child. Focus your attention on him or her when talking or doing some activities together.

Once you’ve finally established your positive parenting habits (that shouldn’t take too long since you probably have a good foundation already), rest assured that you will become one of the most effective motivational speakers on parenting today.