Keeping Your Treatment Menu Simple

As a customer, you may have experienced going to a restaurant, a shop, or any place in general that sells things and being faced with tons of choices for just one type of product. For instance, you go to a sandwich restaurant and you are given the option to make your own sandwich, and then you are given more than eight types of everything, from the bread to the toppings.

This may seem like a great idea for some, especially for the owners who think that giving more options means giving the illusion to customers that they are being given more things to choose from. However, for the majority, it all just seems confusing, especially since a lot of customers do not even know the difference between one and the other. Does the average person really understand the difference between wheat and white bread?

The same principle applies to beauty salon. Successful ones such as have always maintained the salonsimplicity of their menus, and all for a good reason. Customers would come in and ask for a facial, and they are given all of these different types of facial that they have not even heard of. In the end, they tell you “Look, I just want a facial. If you can’t give me that, I’ll just go to somewhere else that can give me a facial.” The problem is they do not know the difference between one over the other. It is just like asking a person which shade of red he likes best, when the shades you offer are basically just the same in their eyes.

The point is, keep it all simple. To a lot of beauty salon owners, including those at, providing more options to customers is what seems to be the best thing to do.


Take manicures and pedicures, for instance. Everyone knows how manicures and pedicures work – people get their hands soaked, their excess skin removed, their cuticles cured, and their nails done. Today, even the color and the type of paint to be used on the nails have more than ten options in many salons. Some offer gel nails and some offer acrylic. Will the average beauty salon goer even know the difference? If you yourself cannot decide which brand is best, how would the customer be able to make an equally difficult decision in choosing which type of treatment works for them?

Keeping it all simple is the key to getting more customers visit you. It is not that you are limiting them to only a handful of options, but you are actually saving them time they would have otherwise spent deciding which type of the same service they want to be done. With successful salons like following this trend, your salon should, too.

So, with all things said about simplicity, how much choice should you offer to your customers? Most experts and entrepreneurs, including those from who have been aware of the ins and outs of the industry, typically agree on providing at least three to four types of each service as the maximum – anything higher than these numbers will only cause confusion on the part of the customer.

It also helps if you would offer helpful charts and menus to guide your customers. Especially with manicures, it is important that you provide a color menu. It all makes it easier for people to choose what they want done on their nails.

As a salon owner, you must have a real passion for the job, including the industry itself, the work, and the clients that you work with. However, if you really want to become a success story, you should also think about how much you are earning, and how much earning potential you have with the services that you are ready to offer to your customers. Do not be afraid to scale down and offer fewer services. If it means providing more convenience to your customers, then there is absolutely no reason for you to worry.